URI /RESTfm/{database}/bulk/{layout} Delete - DELETE

URI /RESTfm/{database}/bulk/{layout}

Deletes multiple records in {database} and {layout}, from the recordIDs provided.

Note: The message must be submitted using HTTP POST since HTTP DELETE cannot contain a message body.

Required query string parameter

RFMmethod=DELETE A method override of DELETE must be specified as HTTP DELETE cannot contain a message body.

Optional alternative {recordID} format - {unique-key-recordID}

<fieldName>=<uniqueValue> May be used in place of the FileMaker internal record identifier {recordID}.
The uniqueValue should be in the same format as a FileMaker Find.
e.g. an exact match for '1234' would be '==1234'
The final string would then appear as: 'myField===1234'

Example message, URI and response

In the following example, two records are deleted. The recordIDs to be deleted must be provided in the 'meta' section.

Note: We override the method with DELETE, since this message must be submitted with POST.

    "meta": [
            "recordID": "9997065"
            "recordID": "9997066"

Example bulk JSON format DELETE message.


    "info": {
        "X-RESTfm-Version": "3.0.0beta\/r420",
        "X-RESTfm-Protocol": "4",
        "X-RESTfm-Status": 200,
        "X-RESTfm-Reason": "OK",
        "X-RESTfm-Method": "DELETE"
Example bulk JSON format DELETE response.


Version Description
3.0.0 Added support for bulk operations.
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